How to Avoid Having an Acid Reflux Attack

Often confused with heartburn, acid reflux is a condition that occurs when acids from the stomach make their way back up and into the esophagus. Also known as GERD or gastro esophageal reflux disorder, this is a chronic condition that will become a lifelong problem once it begins, and which can result in serious damage to the body if left untreated.

Avoiding an Acid Reflux Attack

Although there is no surefire way to completely prevent or cure acid reflux, there are certain things that you can do to avoid having an acid reflux attack. One of the first and most important things you should do is make a list of the different foods that can aggravate your acid reflux and then avoid them as best you can in the future.

Citrus fruits and juices, chocolate, caffeine, tomato based foods, fatty and greasy foods, and spicy foods should all be avoided in order to prevent the onset of an acid reflux attack. Cola drinks, certain cold remedies and medications, weight control aids, and pain relievers can all also aggravate acid reflux.

Wearing loose clothing will also help you to avoid an acid reflux attack, as tight belts and clothing can press up against your stomach and force the acid in the stomach contents to make their way into the esophagus.

There is also the option of using enzyme therapy, which is quickly becoming a popular option among acid reflux sufferers around the world. It can be used to improve circulation in the body, help speed tissue repair, remove waste products from the body, build general resistance, and improve overall health.

All of these ideas will be effective in avoiding an acid reflux attack, but in most cases avoidance is not enough, and you will have to implement some form of medicine to help cope with your reflux.

A few of the most commonly used medications include Nexium Oral, Prevacid Oral, Zantac Oral, Aciphex Oral, Antacid Oral, Carafate Oral, Pepcid Oral, Prilosec Oral, Protonix Oral, Axid Oral, Reglan Oral, and Tagamet Oral.

Speak to your doctor to find which if any medication is going to be best for you and also how long you should take it for. Prescription drugs may offer relief but they should never be considered as a long term solution. Instead you should take the steps to avoid acid reflux attacks as best you can, as well as create a proper diet and exercise regime.